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Explore your available options for decoration

Nick Name

Briz Leavers offers two decoration options for senior Jerseys. The most common is the heat transfer decal, which is just enough for a personalization without being too fancy. Alternatively, embroidered nicknames are long lasting, ironable (so they don’t wrinkle) and really fancy! Your choice will depend on how you want to commemorate your years at school with a quote or nickname of your choice.

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Back number

Any company with the word “Briz” in their name is bound to have one of the most original and useful products around. Never too boring for a logo, Briz Leavers really know how to spice things up. While you can do your typical heat transfer or sublimation badge, why not try something different? Know that it looks as good on white as any color, because you’re in charge! You can get any style of embroidery desired from patch-embroidery to sublimation badge (compatible with both dark colors and light) at an affordable price.

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Front Lettering

Discover the possibilities with Briz Leavers. White heat transfers or embroidery on a variety of colors and font!

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Explore your Jersey customization options

Fabric thickness Choices

The perfect solution to Australia’s diverse climatic conditions! Get the best of both worlds and have a climate specific fabric with Briz Leavers jerseys. Made from lightweight, standard polycotton fabric that is suitable for medium cold climates or much thicker polycotton fabric for colder climates in the Australian winter months, Briz Leavers has you covered no matter how restrictive your environment may be.

Collar Options

Nowadays, with the improvements in technology and clothing, you can have perfectly matched twill collar for your senior jersey that comes in any color of your choice. For those who want a fancier look to their jerseys by adding on this knitted collar option which looks nicer and more “professional” than just using white collars. The extra cost is worth it as our products will make sure you have the perfect jersey needed for your time at senior schooling!

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Fabric Colour Selection

The most important factor in having a cohesive and consistent school branding is being able to find the right colors. If you’re tired of being limited by available colors and want to have more options for your school’s specific colors, don’t worry! You’ll never have that problem with Briz Leavers- you can find any shade of fabric hue you need on our selection, and even if we don’t have it, you can custom order your perfect shade without any extra cost! Our partnership manager will discuss this with you during order processing.

Jersey Cut

At Briz Leavers, we specialize in unisex poly-cotton jersey, which is popular among senior school kids because of its tapered shape that fits well on both boys and girls. But if you want a different cut, in womanly shape from what’s typical (unisex cut), then choose the Women’s Cut Jersey separately for girls.

Side Pocket

Tired of losing your important things in pockets? Briz Leavers has the solution: side zipped pocket. This unique and super convenient feature that we can add in your senior jersey which no other company will do for you. Your senior jersey becomes like your day uniform, so having couple extra zipped pockets is always handy to keep your keys, money and pens safe from getting lost or stolen!

Custom Senior Jerseys Options

Knitted Collar

Matched Color Twilll Collar

White Twill Collar

We have different thick fabrics available. Please send mail with your requirements to get more details

Men's Cut

Women's Cut

Year 12 Leavers Jerseys Options


Patch Embroidery


Sublimation badge


Heat Transfer


Heat Sealed


Felt Badge






















Heat Sealed Name

Embroidery in White

Embroidery in Color

Latest Reviews

The jerseys look great but the jackets are stunning! Thank you so much for your work. It is very much appreciated.
We are going to keep using Briz Leavers because the quality of the garment is excellent.
We have students wearing the jerseys this week - all great feedback so far. Thanks so much!
The jerseys are wonderful and the kids are really happy. They received them yesterday and the school principal thinks they are a terrific addition to the Seniors uniform. They seem to be the perfect material for our Brisbane Winters.
Quality of the jerseys are great. They feel comfortable. Students very happy with the design.  We'll let you know when we're ready to do the 2024 jerseys.
The students and teachers are all very happy with their jerseys so thank you very much. Will be in touch in Term 4 for next year's supply.
Briz Leavers are a very professional and approachable company. They have provided an excellent service which allowed our students to create designs to be apart of the selection process with their company designs. Briz Leavers met all of our requirements and made suggestions which allowed our jersey process to be more efficient and of higher quality. The quality of the jerseys are outstanding and they were delivered in a timely manner .
Everyone has been really happy with the quality and the price. The process was really easy and you were beyond helpful. I really enjoyed working with someone who was so helpful, quick to respond to questions and fast with processes such as getting sample sizes out to us.
I have found your business to most accommodating of my needs. You have been happy to make as many alterations as needed to ensure the perfect result. When there was a manufacturing error with the leaver jumper design, you told me prior to shipping and also offered a refund as compensation for the mistake. The quality of the jumper is good and the initial price per piece was the most competitive on the market. I definitely recommend your company and look forward to doing further business in the future.
We are very happy with our order thank you. All jerseys arrived matching the purchase order. Colours and fit are good match and look great. Students say they are comfortable and even the North Queensland heat hasn’t stopped students wearing them proudly around school. Delivery time was very reasonable and your team was very helpful in assisting us to design and order the jerseys. Thanks again!
Thank you so much SK. The students are looking absolutely amazing in their jerseys.
Good morning Sk, Thank you for all of your work with our Year 12 Senior Jerseys at the end of last year and start of this year. I have distributed these to students and have received some very positive feedback. I have had 40 students express their interest in a second order. Thank you again for all your help and support with our first order.
We have received the jerseys and they look fantastic! We have already distributed some of the round one jersey's to the students and they are very happy with the finished product.
I just wanted to offer some feedback on the jerseys and jackets. Both products have attracted very positive comments, especially for the quality of the garments. A buyer from a very large uniform supplier visited us and I showed her our jerseys. She turned over the hems and studied the stitching. She felt the fabric and turned the collar. She examined the logo stitching. She was impressed. The students are happy, the staff and parents are happy.
Hi! They LOVE the jerseys! Amazing! They are wearing them with pride. very impressed with the nice soft feel. Thank you
Thank you for such quick reliable delivery. We were kept informed of production and delivery process at all times. The jerseys are very good quality and we are pleased with the final result.
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